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Dr. Eric Vanzura graduated from the venerable Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (2000). During residency, Dr. Vanzura was drawn to the scope and complexity of hospital medicine. He enjoys providing medical care for complex maladies and frequently does osteopathic manipulative therapies (OMT) for hospitalized patients, in addition to internal medicine.

Dr. Eric Vanzura is a long-time Boulder resident who graduated CU Boulder, majoring in Engineering Physics (1990), leading Dr. Vanzura to a career as an electromagnetic engineer and instrument designer for NIST, measuring the electromagnetic properties of materials. It was a great first career and catalyst to his interests in all the sciences, as a part of human experience – known and unknown. This journey evolved into the study of human medical science and deep appreciation of the art of being human.



After a serious automobile accident, Dr. Vanzura found that his regular medical practitioners, including neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists, had minimal success with improving the health of his sacroiliac injury. This experience sparked his intense interest in human sciences and medicine. While healing his injury, his own investigations led to yoga and movement therapies. As a result, the natural consequence was to become an osteopathic physician.

In 2013, Dr. Vanzura opened his osteopathic medical clinic so he could focus his medicine on the whole person. As a board certified physician by the AOBFP and the ABFM, Dr. Vanzura is highly qualified to prescribe medical diagnostics and perform therapies. As your physician, Dr. Vanzura takes time to understand and educate you on your health goals, to determine an effective treatment plan for improved health, no matter your starting point. He provides care for all ages, and especially enjoys working with patients who have acute injuries and musculoskeletal issues, as well as the many complex problems that come with aging.

He stays current with medical literature by reading JAMAThe New England Journal of MedicineJAOAUpToDate, and other journals weekly. He also studies the latest techniques in osteopathy, integrating traditional medicine with osteopathic methods, movement therapies, and other techniques. He focuses on addressing fascial distortions, thereby releasing trauma within connective tissues and improving circulation, nerve conduction, lymphatic drainage, as well as benefiting coordinated movement.

In his spare time, Dr. Vanzura leads an active and healthy lifestyle. Great pleasure and relaxation are realized by sharing time with family and friends. Much enjoyment comes from being outdoors, including traveling, skiing, hiking, camping under the stars, and organic gardening.

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