Myofascial Syndromes


Myofascial syndromes are easy to confuse with nerve compression. Pain is often felt in a referral zone, rather in the muscle. The patient has a feeling of “tight muscles.” Pain and local tenderness to palpation in the belly of the muscle that will often reproduce referred pain in a characteristic distribution after 5 seconds or so. Muscle is hypertonic and has ‘ropey’ taut bands of fibers on palpation. Hard, nodular trigger points can often be palpated (myofibrositic nodules).

Commonly involved muscles:

  • Gluteus

  • Quadratus lumborum

  • Piriformis

  • Tensor Fascia Lata

  • Iliopsoas

Myofascial syndromes can often be treated with stretching, strengthening, acupressure, myofascial release, rolfing, and ice.

Eric Vanzura